August 20, 1985


August 20

We woke up (of course) and I ahd cereal for brekky. We lugged our luggage dwon after repacking anything extra. I wore my Italian Tshirt today. Then we got on the Underground for 20 stops til Heathrow. At the airport we got a cart and went to the first waiting room. I bought a London Tshirt at the store – what a mistake. It’s handwash, ugly, expensive and I could have gotten a nicer one there or in the Dirty Tree shop in the second waiting room. Oh well.

We all read, munched on chocolate bars and bought a bit of candy while we waited to board.

Finally we went to the third waiting room and now are on the plane to…. HOME.

I have a window seat but we are on the wing again. Poopers. Take off was OK.

Right now I’m listening to the radio. They have the exact thing that was on last time – two months ago.

“Madonna was recently spotted….” Huh.

I’m sort of sad to leave and sort of sad to come home. I’m nervous because things are so different for me but I doubt if much has really changed at home. Of course there will still be parties and stuff – gossip, but I will still be Carmel, the old one to them. I’m sad too cos now I’ve really shaped up and two months I’ll probably be back to my old lumpy self. Just HAVE to watch myself. If I exercise a lot (in the morning at school in the gym before school starts) and watch what I eat. I can’t wait to see Darianne because I can talk to her about the trip. She is so nice because we can both talk about the same things.


I wonder what Dad is doing right now.


We had some lunch and then I slept for a long time. I woke up and watched the last half of Karate Kid. It was quite predictable. We had to fill out a form for Canada Customs.


We got served a lunch of a cucumber, cheese and ham sandwich, orange juice, a scond with jam, butter and CLOTTED CREAM! We landed and went through customs without even being checked! They just sent it on through! We all went to the waiting room and then – waited for the plane. There is some sort of strike here with the flight attendants or something. Cherie and mum sweated profusely on the plane and I had to lend them some Un Jour. Mum put some in her pits. Charles J would be shocked. I also had to lend mum some socks and a clean Tshirt.

The girl on the intercome just said “Thank you”- and that’s all – stuhrange. We are on the plane to Winnipeg now but we haven’t left.

Guess what! We are on the same plane as Mr. Burttles from Carman (Miami art teacher, Ronnie and Darianne have him.) Anne Ginter or whatever her name is also on here I think. She’s wearing a blue jacket and has blonde hair and glasses so I think it’s her. He’s sitting behind us and she is sitting across and in front of us. Yeah, it is her. He just called her Anna. He said its his daughter! I didn’t know that. I think she is Ronnie’s girlfriend. This is almost as bad as meeting Dietmar in Heraklion but not as freaky as meeting Art and John in Paris. Nothing could be that weird.

Mum does NOT want Burttles to recognize us. Tee hee hee. She said it’s lucky dad’s not here. I don’t think Pa likes him too much.

A girl with the worst accent ever for French just gave us safety instructions. The one showing us could just barely keep from laughing. Neither could understand French and were just having a jolly time. When they finished everyone clapped and they laughed. We’re starting to take off now … eeek!!


We are on our way hom home! Well we are about an hour or so away from home.

I can’t even imagine what it will be like. It’s just like our flight to London. I hope dad’s doing OK. Mum’s laying down on the seat. Cherie has her head on her lap but I get her sweaty feet against my knee. Yeck!

There is something on this plane that keeps whining and buzzing intolerably.


We landed and got off the plane. Robin and Helena (“the girl”) met us at the airport. We talked all about our trip and Robin’s forest fire fighting and went to Grampa’s for a visit. We just walked through the door and Jan called. A very pleasant surprise. Later Kristen and Tammy called. My room was flooded during the six inch rainstorm and my art book got ruined. I only got to sleep about 1.00 am.



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