August 19, 1985


August 19

Woke up and had brekky. I had to sit with these two California girls and mum and Cherie sat with two Irish men. Then we hopped on the subway and went to Harrod’s. It wasn’t crowded at all when we were there. We looked at furniture and dishes and decided we want a tea trolley for our sun room and the dishes we saw were Royal Dulton’s Diana of the Romantic Collection. We also went through the food hall, Cherie bought mixed Jelly Bellies and I bought a chocolate bar.

After that we reconfirmed our flight ad went to Covent Gardens. We had some lemonade (7-Up) there then looked around. (Oh – on the way there from the subway, we stopped at a theatrical costume shop – real neat). At the market they were selling second hand stuff. This time I bought a ring (blue) and a brooch (red). I was going to buy a mens’ housecoat (silk – red) but it was too much. What a drag. We had lunch at a little outdoor restaurant there – I had a salad, Cherie had spags and mum had a baked potato.

Then we went to Canada House and called Gramps collect – it sure made us want to go home. It’s been raining there, Gramps is still single and Robin has brought a girl home. After that we went to look for gifts for Gramps and the boys. We looked all over for a Donogal Tweed Cap for Gramps. When we finally found one it was 19.50 pounds – far more than we can afford. Instead we bought him a vest ad the boys sweaters. After that frantic search we glanced through the Reject China Shop. Then – a real English tea. Just freshly brewed Ceylon tea and thinly sliced cucumber and mayonnaise (as well as some fresh carrot, tomatoes, and cheese) sandwiches and stopped off with hot scones, butter, fresh jam and clotted cream – excellent.

Cherie and I convinced mum she should get herself a dress (I think she would have been disappointed if she didn’t get one) so we rushed off to Laura Ashley for fifteen minutes of frantic shopping. The outfit she finally bought (a red cotton wool skirt and a flower print cotton smock style blouse) she didn’t even try on because she wasn’t allowed to, cost about $100 and looks fantastic. When we got home we made her model it with my shoes and different blouses, belts, brooches etc. It is an excellent outfit and looks really good on her.

We all showered and then raced (I mean literally raced) off to see a play and arrived at the Globe Theatre with 3 minutes to spare. The play was called Daisy Pulls it Off and it was the BEST play I have EVER seen. It was a comedy about a scholarship girl at a boarding school done in the Enid Blyton/Angela Brazil style – the snob, the sports cap/head girl, the storm, the rescue of the snob, etc. Oh it was so great – I wish we could put it on at school.

Now we have to pack. Cherie’s munching away on Wimpy’s (uggggh) food and mum’s packing like a mad woman , the TV’s on and I don’t want to leave England, but I want to go home – Wahhhh!



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