August 18, 1985


August 18

Got to sleep on the train and woke up at about 5.30 or so and had to line up for about 3/4 of an hour to get to the luggage dept. then another 15 mins to get to the passports checkout and finally to the trains. We finally got a car and I got one seat. Right across from them these two girls each had two seats each. I woke one to ask if anyone was using the seats. She said no for hers but the other girl had a “rucksack” on it. I asked if that was empty too and she said “Yeah but then there’s not room for the rucksacks are there?” I felt like saying that the goddamn rucksack didn’t pay for a seat.

Just now regarding that we have had an announcement.
“We serve coffee, tea and any other drink you may require. Please keep rucksacks and baggage off the seats – all seats will be needed on this train, (then while the whole train was laughing) Please keep your feet off the seats.”

That guy had the most strangled voice I’ve ever heard!

There was also a guy locked in the toilet. He wrecked a credit card trying to get out. Finally mum gave his friend a pen and they twisted the doorknob off. (I don’t know if the pen did it though).

We got to the station and stashed our bags. Mum cashed a travelers cheque and we looked around for a hotel. We decided to go back to the Ferndale area and found one called the Devon Hotel (or MacDonald Hotel – take your pick – choose your door). We went out for a fast food lunch and went to see Dickens’ house but it was closed. So then we went back to the station and lugged our luggage back to the hotel. Finally we slept and slept and slept – from noon till 6.00 (well mum and I did – Cherie watched The Smurfs).

When we woke up we went to the Kings Cross Fish Bar for fish and chips (Cherie), fish and scampi (me) and Cornish pasty and chips (mum) with tea all around.

Then we got a couple of newspaper things (NME, Sounds and What’s On in London) read and watched TV for a while (eg. It Shouldn’t Happen to a Vet) then slept. It was so great to relax all day after such a busy day with only two hours of sleep in it.



One thought on “August 18, 1985

  1. Large Horse says:

    “goddamn rucksack didn’t pay for a seat”

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