August 14, 1985

August 14

Mum and dad got up really early and went to the Canadian embassy. When Cherie and I got up for brekky at ten to nine we locked ourselves out of the room. We met some people (a man and his daughter from Wisconson. A maid opened up our door and we started to clean up but that has slowed down. Yesterday I braided Cherie’s tail really small and today we undid it. I think she’ll wet it soon cos it’s pure frizz. Went with mum to buy jeans and a shirt. I bought a red t shirt. I also bought my pink Sorbonne sweatshirt. Dad probably won’t stay in Paris cos it’s too hard to find a place to stay. We went to the Jeu de Paume (Apple Juice) but there was a huge line. We went to the Renoir show instead and it was EXCELLENT. I didn’t really know or appreciate his work before but the Little Boheme is just great. (I’m not sure about the name.) We had these tape recorder things that really added a lot.

We walked down the Champse de E. The shoes I wanted to buy were no longer available. How depressing. We went to Samaratine. I bought some clown white and some perfume. The perfume is Quartz and I also got Du Jour by Charles Jourdan – it’s really pretty. For lunch which was after I bought the Sorbonne sweatshirt we bought some groceries for lunch and ate in the hotel. We did the same for supper. We had boursanne and camonberre cheese and the best pastry – pain au chocolate. It’s like a croissant with a milks chocolate bar in the middle – YUM. We also had fruit and fresh bread and water. Cherie and I watched this movie with Ava Gardner and some guy called Gary and a dad – Anthony Quinn and a girl called Regine. (The name of the show) who had about three lines. It was so stupid. The credits ran by just now. The guys name was Carry. Well not much else happened today except that I have about 5 francs left now. I have to cash another travelers cheque to buy my shoes and some perfume.


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