August 13, 1985

August 13

Got up and had a good breakfast of H.C., jam, butter, baguettes, and croissants. We went to Notre Dame and then to St. Chapelle. St. Chappelle wasn’t open and there was a huge line so we are leaving it til later. We walked along the Seine looking at Art Gallerys. Then we went by Metro to Galleries Lafayette. We had lunch on the top floor after looking at the view from the roof. I bought a white pleated Emanuelle skirt and a pair of gloves and a head bandeau. Emanuelle is the name of the designer whose magazine Anita has. They had a video playing with the same models in the magazine. After that we went to Printemps where I got the most beautiful blouse. It is white, has a wide collar and this lacey design and seed pearls. I had tried on blouses at the Laura Ashley in G.L. but they weren’t have as nice and were twice as expensive. I also got some body shimmer, this sparkly pink powder. What a great day. All I have left to buy is my Paris sweatshirt, my shoes, a London sweatshirt and some perfume if I have enough money.

We all rested then we went out for supper on St Michel or Rue des Carmes (I’m not sure which) at a little sidewalk café. I drew a little later then went to sleep.



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