August 10, 1985



August 10

Got up really early for breakfast. PEACH JAM! There was only one left but I asked the lady if she had any more and she brought out a whole box. That and warm milk, bread and warm crusty buns – mmmmmmm. Cherie and I went back to the room while Ma and Pa went to the bank. Cherie amused herself by calling “Hello” and “Ciao” from the balcony to whoever would listen. She caught the attention of a policeman and an old man and is presently to embarrassed to go out onto the balcony cos they’re still there.

Our train to Rome leaves at 10 to or 10 after 10 (10 till as Andy the American says) but mum wants us on the train at 9.30. Ughhh…. Hopefully we’ll at least get a seat.

We waited for the train til 10.30 but it didn’t come. In the next Binario a train from Milan came in. It is a first class express so we jumped on. We haven’t got our ticket punched yet, so we don’t know how much it’s going to cost. It’s airconditioned and has automatic Venetian blinds. It’s blue plush with glass doors. The meal in the dining car costs 38 000 Lire per person, a la carte is 15 000 Lire per person. Divide by 1550 and it’s still a lot. Mum has knit a lot on her sweater.

Dad told me an old French poem: “Chat voit roit, roit tata chat, chat pa ta roit, roit brouille pa ta chat”.

Changed trains at Milan and went through Switzerland which was quite nice and mountainous. We changed trains at Laussane. We got on the French train and had to pay another supplement (a reservation). It’s one of those point nose trains. On the first class train we had to pay a 52000 Lire supplement. (Actually we were pretty fortunate – we were supposed to pay 102000 Lire!)


Ingunn Vikanes

Randabergveien 85

4000 Stauanger



Mette Eriksen

Randabergveien 50

4000 Stavanger, Norway


That was the address of two Norwegian girls we met on te train to Paris. The one had real nice eyes and was quite pretty, but they were both BIG – not fat just hearty healthy robust, big Norwegian girls. We got to our hotel (which is actually not as bad as we thought) and then went out for an excellent Vietnamese meal after. Dad had deep fried bananas for dessert.


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