August 8, 1985


August 8

We got up early and went for brekky. Alas no peach jam sob sob. We went to the Medici Chappels, the Church of Santa Croce where Michaelangelo, Gelileo and others are buried and Dante as a tomb there. Lady Di was there just a while ago and had her picture up. We also went to the National Gallery and saw Donatello’s faggy, ugly bodied David as well as Verrochios great David. There was also a little statue done in 1877 by Gambia (?) of a little boy with a fish that is really well done. I found a postcard of David. We also went to the market. Mum and Dad bought these really nice expensive briefcases. I bought a sweater, a scarf (both breeny blue, a color dad chose to suit my eyes) and a pair of matching socks and pink socks and a pearl necklace. We unwound yarn for entertainment in the evening while mum began knitting dad’s sweater. I had a real good, high adventure dream last night about a family, a snake thing, a castle and some bad guys.


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