August 6, 1985


August 6

We got up early and had brekky in our room. We bought food yesterday but the croissants were hard. Then we walked to the church where Moses is, to the Pantheon and to the Spanish Steps. I saw some really nice jeans but we couldn’t stop. I don’t see why not – all we did was go home and sleep. Mum says “You can’t get mad every time we don’t stop and shop” every time is right. The last time we shopped was in Herakleon! Anyway I insisted on stopping in this one store to buy an Italia t-shirt – which was overpriced but…

We went to go get food, Cherie wouldn’t lend me her shorts even though she wore my T-shirt for 2 days (once to sleep without asking) and sunglasses. Fortunately I already had her sandals on. Anyway we got some food and ate it in our room. It was good and I’ve had enough wine to feel pleasantly drowsy.

Dad said I could have five girls over to get drunk when we get home. He said a lot of his friends got drunk for the first time at his place when he was a kid. This trip has changed my views on a few things but I think it started before we left.


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