August 5, 1985


August 5

Changed rooms. Went to the Vatican and saw the Pieta. Quite beautiful but the church and stuff is almost gaudy. Went to the Sistine Chapel. Did about 10,000 miles of walking to get there from the hotel to the Vatican to the Sistine Chapel and through a maze of rooms.) It was nice but we see so many things it’s hard to appreciate. Went for lunch and it was a real rip just like brekky. They charge you an arm and a leg for wee tiny plates. Anyway, we took a bus home.

Cherie and I went to get some munchies. Very inefficient stores here. We got our stuff, gave it to a man at one counter who punched out the price on his cash resgister. We took that, the bill, to another counter where we paid it at another counter, went back with the two bills to the first counter, gave them to the guy and got our stuff. All that for a bag of chips and a chocolate bar.

Went to see the Colosseum but only got a glimpse before it closed. We had a really good supper for 41000 Lire and had a real friendly waiter.

We walked back home and c’est ca.

Heard “Into the Groove” on the way. Good stuff. One cute to remember – the guy at the exchange in Paris and the guy at the National Gallery. Had a great dream last night about me staying with Lisa at this rich girl’s place. They went to the show and the rich girl didn’t want me to come and showed me where her dad had the key to the bar instead. I got mad and went outside. Her brother and his friends had a soccer ball and kept saying girls were wimps. It was evening. Ended up in a soccer game including Tracey. Boys vs. Girls. Girls won. It was only one game but it was like Australian football. Anyway, me and the brother became “friends” and the whole team got the keys to the bar. There was also a dinner with the parents. Another dream me and some guy were stuck in a high cave by the sea and couldn’t get down. Hmmmmm.


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