August 4, 1985


August 4

Got up and ready for brekky which was OK – cioccalatte! The girl I gave the Canada pin to at the bank yesterday was staying at the same hotel. We went to the Uffizi and got inside this time. Saw lots of Botteciellis. Cherie got her portrait done but it was pretty sucked. One artist gave me a piece of paper and 2 charcoals. We had lunch. I had macaroni and meat sauce. Then we went to the train station for a ten year wait to exchange our money. We were going to get on one but it left to soon so we waited a few minutes longer and got on another one. It was really crowded. Me, mum and Cherie sat with four nuns and a Canadian girl who was kind of dull. I gave her a Canada pin though cos she didn’t have any. I don’t know where dad is. One nun is doing tatting which is real nice, one is crocheting and one is doing cross stitch. This one speaks English. Got to Rome and checked out about 101 pensiones and hotels. Ended up staying at the first one I checked out – Pensione Roxena. Then we went out and had a great supper that costed more than our hotel 58000 Lire compared to 44000 Lire. There were these British girls behind us who were sooo stupid. They ordered pepperoni pizza but in Italian Pepperoni is peppers and they just couldn’t eat that and sat there rolling their eyes. The girl who ordered it had really mexi flat feathered hair which was long in the back. This little girl and most malish (masculine) looking woman I have ever seen (moustache and sideburns, hairy legs, sturdy figure etc.) tried to sell us roses to no avail. Our waiter kept apologizing for my food and the bill being late. Anyway, we went back to the hotel and now are settled down for a nice long sleep.


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