July 31, 1985

Another blah blah day so far. It’s not so hot, which is good, but the train is six hours late which is not. I feel so grimy. The bathrooms here just get dirtier and dirtier. There is this huge Italian guy, ugly as sin, with about 10,000 tattoos who is half drunk who keeps crowing like a rooster every time we go through tunnels and laughing at his own stupid jokes in this deep retarded moron’s laugh. God – what a yahoo! He also thinks he’s very sexy and him and his two friends (one is about sixty years old – fat, greasy and leering and the other is ugly, greasy and leering) keep making passes at every girl on the train –eg. “Baby I love you – you are so beautiful”. Oh lord.

We are now off that stupid Yugoslavian train an on an amazingly luxurious Italian one – toilet paper! Cleanliness! Food! Right now it’s raining like a bugger. We are sharing our compartment with two Yugoslavian guys.

Well, its stopped raining already. Damn. I was wetting my hair in it but the conductor closed the window I had my hands outside but the rain hurt like nails and my hands feel bruised.

At the station this dumb girl (friend of the dumb guys) was washing her hair in the drinking fountain while her spastic boyfriend hopped around. God. Dad keeps talking in this loud voice, using some I’m–talking-to-a-retard-accent and dropping every other word! The Yugoslavian cigarettes smell like a combination of dope and straw. Gross! Dad repeats the same conversation with everyone he meets. Huy yuy yuy. Their address is on the next page (Big enough?!?!)

We got to Venice and stashed all but our necessities. We are all surprised to find the city just out of the station. We thought you had to take a boat to get to it. We found a hotel and had a bath – ahhh! Clean again! We walked around the area for a while, over the bridges, watching the boats and listening to the singers on the gondolas. Then we had supper beside the Grand Canal and then walked down the market. There are many talented artists and cartoonists here. They work in charcoal and are fast. They have it down to a science.

We saw some lovely paper mache masks. The paper mache is very thin and delicate. They are mostly white or black and decorated in patterns with rhinestones, sparkles, paint, tassles and fringes and ribbons. I would like to make some for the Corn and Apple Festival.

We went back to the hotel with some grapes for Cherie. She is …. Uh…. Unable to excrete. Poor kid. I know how she feels. I remember in grade four….

Ginan Limani

Ulica 7 Juli 239

38230 Ferizaj Kosovo Jugo

Shkelzen Qerimi

Rr Leningradit 353

Ferizaj 38230

Kosove Jugosllavija



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