July 30, 1985


Aphrodite Carmi

Nemeseon 20

St. Nicholaos

Athens 11253

(D2 fan – Rog and Simon)

sister Nicky

Met two sisters on the train – Didi and Vicki. They are very nice and Did and I spoke French together (she as well as her sister, also speak English). Didi is sixteen and her sister is 20. The train ride is very hot. Yesterday it was 40 degrees Celsius. And today is worse, I think.

It sounds like Boy George was not well received at the concert in Athens by the Nina Hagen and Clash fans.

If you haven’t guessed already we are in Yugoslavia, land of 30 degree C mineral water and sweat and crowded trains and and and and and other irritating discomforts.

Major Excitement. We stopped in Belgrade at the station and almost everyone got off to buy food and water. Then all of the sudden, the train started to leave. Dad wasn’t with us. PANIC. The baby’s parents weren’t on either, nor Didi and Vicky. Fortunately, the train was only adding cars but nearly half the backpackers just about killed themselves trying to jump on the train while it was moving. We got some food finally (greasy cheese pies and raw cold hamburgers) and dad got some Yugoslav money for souveiners. The vendor had visited Canada and I gave him a pin. I also gave on to each of the Carmi girls. I only have about seven left.



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