July 27, 1985

Got up in the morning and we all went for brekky. Ma, Pa and Cherie went to get our boat tickets while I went to Uboat to see if the girl from Montreal had any winter stock. I bought a pair of yellow suspender pants and two rhinestone brooches. Went back to the hotel to wait for the rest. They returned and we bought some fruit and pastry and sat in the park and ate it. We later went walking around the market where I bought three silver rings, a pair of white runners and a red, orange and brown sweater. Then we went for a long lunch. We went to the hotel to pick up our things and walked to the boat docks. We still had two hours to spare so Mum, Char and I went to a museum to use the can and look around. The folk costumes and pictures of the Nazis invading Crete (Heraklion) were very interesting. We went back to where dad was suntanning. We met Dietmar who was also going to Athens. Him, Cherie and I played cards on the boat and talked until we fell asleep. It was quite cold and my jean jacket and sweater came to good use



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