July 26, 1985


Got up early and Ma and I went shopping for U-Know-Whats. Found some very small and compact ones. Excellent regarding the situation.

Then we all went out for breakfast and had REAL TOAST.

It was a perfect brekky. Then I cashed $260 of travelers cheques. We hopped into a taxi and went to Knossos. The palace was really neat – all labyrinth and underground and full of cellars, gardens, drainage systems – even some small hanging bats!

Then we went to the museum by taxi of course and saw stuff from the ruins. Interesting but LONG. Went out for lunch and had another ice cream with sparklers and umbrella and a little monkey. Then dad and I went to the beach and mum and Cherie stayed home because Cherie has the Aztec today. At the beach I met this really good looking guy named “Joe”. He tried to pick me up as the waves came crashing down on us every other sentence. But alack alas he was 18 and wanted to meet somewhere in Herakleon at night. I said my parents wouldn’t let me, so he got cold and left. I don’t think he thought I was fifteen cos when I said it, his face fell. Oh well, when Anita and I come we can string them along.

Anyway, Dad and I went back home by taxi again (they are crazy rides – we were less than two inches from a guy walking on the road – passing him at about 50mph. They go really fast, pass on hills and pass even when another person is coming. It’s just like a video game only somehow, more real.) When we came back me, ma and Cher went shopping and Dad went art gallery hopping. First we went to the Bill Dennis New Forces Sportswear U Boat (pant pant). I bought 4 tshirts, a weatshirt, stirrup pants, and a linen shirt for 6600 drachs. Then to a jean store for a jean jacket and a pair of jeans. I love the jacket but I’m too fat and too short for the jeans. Diet. Diet. Diet – GROW! (legs especially)

We went out for supper in the big eating place. The place we were at had the most excellent chairs – big soft and cushiony. All the restaurants here are outdoors. The dessert I had had chocolate, melon (green), coconut (white) strawberry (pink) and a bit of lemon (yellow) ice cream, watermelon and honeydew, whipped cream, a black cherry (which Cherie grabbed) a sparkler, a greek flag, a monkey, a clown and a lollipop shaped green, pink and white paper fan. YUM! Then we went home and I tried on all of my clothes. Now I’m sitting on the balcony of our hotel (the smelly one).

The thing here you never see at home is people calling you into stores, restaurants, or hotels!



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