July 18, 1985


Cher and I went shopping for a bathing suit for her. We both bought the same one and two matching undershirts. I also bought a tshirt, two towels and two mats. Ma and Pa bought me and Cher each a Greek blanket.

We all went out for lunch (supper). I had moussaka and it was gross.

We went to the ship to go to Crete. It was huge. I read until we left then sat on the box of life jackets, writing in my journal, basking in the Grecian sunset and being lulled by the sound of the waves. The water here is really blue even right over the edge of the ship, unlike the green tinge of Canadian or other lakes or oceans. There are these great big huge ships and a few tiny fishing boats just a ways off the coast. Behind us the city of Athens covers the beach. It’s kind of foggy or misty so you can just barely make out the islands ahead of us. I keep looking for the Acropolis but I can’t see it yet. I can see or feel how the shipmen (seafarers?) of long ago must have felt.

We talked to two guys from Brazil. Cherie and I had something to eat. I met a girl from Hamburg named Melanie. She had a long red bob on one side and short cropped very blonde hair on the other. By the way she was talking I wonder if she was gay. Later she went to get coffee and a jacket and I went to get food. I came back and Cherie was with this guy who looked a bit like Santiago. She thought he was old and didn’t want to stay with him. It ends up he is a 17 year old volleyball player on the Greek junior team. He showed us the Greek alphabet and some phrases which are all at the end of this book. We went to sleep quite late.



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