July 15, 1985


We finally went to sleep on the Yugoslavian train. The station where we changed trains was not organized and there wasn’t much room on the trains. Cherie and Dad went in one cabin and Mum and I in another. The people in my thing were nice. There was a girl about 24 years old named Margarita from Greece. She was very smart and spoke Greek (old and new), English, French and German. There was a 19 year old guy, Dietmar and a 17 year old named Joalhim. Both of them were from Austria (Vienna). Didi spoke German (Austrian), English and some French but J only spoke German. I think he understood some English. We all had a really good time. Cherie traded places with mum because her cabin was too boring. We played cards and talked mostly.

Since Cherie and I hadn’t really eaten since Milan we were a tad hungry. Finally somewhere in Yugoslavia Mum bought some sandwiches (loaves of bread cut through the middle with some meat.) We were stopped 40 minutes at the Greek border and had some Trinita – Greek icecream – chocolate, coffee and vanilla icecream with chocolate syrup and nuts.

M got off at Thessaloniki and Dietmar somewhere at 6am. These Greek guys came on at Thessaloniki. They opened the door and curtains, turned on the bright lights and stood in the hall smoking and whistling. We woke up in the morning, got off the train, said goodby to Joalhim and went to a youth hostel. As we reached Athens we were bombarded by pamphlets from Youth Hostels. We went to one but I don’t’ think mum and dad like it. They keep complaining.

Joalhim Illilhmann

2120 Wolkersdorf

Johannesgasse 12



Dietmar Rabenstein

Aver-welsbach Str. 19

1230 Wien, Autriche

tel. 0043122218420564

I just took a shower and it feels soooo good. We went out for a huge dinner and then walked to the Parthenon. Most of the stores were closed so we didn’t buy anything. The acropolis and Parthenon were fantastic and unreal. I really enjoyed them. I t was hot and windy. You could see huge ships in the harbour and the other temples on other hills.

On our way back I bought a necklace. It was $25 but I really like it. We went back to the hostel. I slept and then we went for a walk and hotel hunting. I bought some postcards and wrote them while Ma and Pa went down or out for a drink.



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