July 12, 1985


Woke up with a cramp in my tummy. While we were on the train on the eleventh, I dreamt I met myself as a baby. It’s the first time I’ve thought about it that way. I used to imagine myself as me as a baby but it was neat to see this little kid and know it was me.

I wore my Benneton Tshirt today and everywhere I went people would say “Benneton –yes!”, “Yes!” and “Yeah Benneton!” I’m starting to wonder what it means Dad thinks I shouldn’t wear it.

I went shopping for lunch. At the place where I bought the veggies the guy knew a bit of English and tried it out. Quite hard to understand. We went shopping in the evening but were at the station until 8.30 getting our couchette. We leave for Greece at 11:30 tomorrow.

Once again I’m stuck with $150 of Italian money. Now I have $170 of French, about $50 left of English, $150 of Italian, $20 Canadian and change from everywhere.





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