July 11, 1985


Woke up just after we passed through the Alps and passed a castle. Saw another one but I was too sleepy to notice it. The people in the couchette next to us had been yipping all night but were pretty silent now. We arrived in Milano and stashed our bags and then wandered around the city for an hour in search of The Last Supper. Dad just kept asking “Leonardo?”

I wasn’t allowed into a cathedral because I was wearing shorts so Mum and I bought a pair of green(?) pants. They fit nice on me but mum hasn’t tried them as yet. Milano is a nice city. There is a lot going on unlike London and it isn’t crowded unlike Paris. There is quite a few stores and restaurants. I think the hotel (or Pensione) we are staying in is a sex hotel. It’s got all these nudie pictures, a bum washer in each room, lots of mirrors and a light switch placed pillow high in the middle of a king sized bed. YUCK…


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