July 9, 1985


Woke up and had a big fight. The breakfast was cold when I got it it was “hot” chocolate, a warmed up croissant, and a piece of thin, crusty French bread. The croissant was eaten with jam. I had gooseberry and it was surprisingly good. We then went to the Eiffel Tower. Me, Dad and Cherie went to the top but mum refused to even go up. I could see her from the very top in her yellow and pink. I didn’t have my camera though so I didn’t get any pictures. They have those little things like wot John Taylor had but the stairs where nick was I think was on the fist level which we never went on. (Referring to View to a Kill video by Duran Duran)

Geeze is my writing and spelling bad! Then we went on a boat cruise down the Seine after some fries and Vittel. It was really excellent. We then went down the Champs d’Elysee and took a subway home.

I wish I was 19 and here with some of the girls. The guys here are just sooo good looking. The guy at the money exchange was something else!

We came back and slept.

Then we went out for supper and walked to the Gare de Lyon. We took the Metro back and went to sleep.

I saw Prince’s and Sting’s and Nik Kershaw’s new videos. They are all OK and neat in their own way.


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