July 8, 1985


Got on the train early and read and slept because I had a headache. This nice lady across from us explained some of the scenery – hops and hop dryers. We then got on a huge boat(ferry) to go across the Channel. It was really great. I met a girl named Nasaleen. We started doing each others accents. She said I sounded like a Northerner or an Australian. We got on the train in France. I decided to explore it after we changed seats. We had been sitting in the smoking compartment and went to the non-smoking. The punks across from us were rather insulted. When I went exploring I found Nasaleen’s booth. She is travelling to Paris with her aunt and uncle and cuzes. We (me, her and the cuzes) played Connect Four for a while. I braided Nasaleen’s hair but she was so embarrassed we had to go to another car. (There were these little compartments for six people – my family had moved again to one of these). There was this French woman in the one we were in and we ended up having a long conversation about everything. Every now and then I’d have to go get a word from Dad, but I was quite happy with how I’d done. After the train ride I got their addresses.

Ooops – I’ve been saying her name wrong.

Nazalee Raja Moland

23 Mead Alpine Road



Lecomte Martine

34 Rue Verte


80250 Aippy Suur Noye


We then went hotel hunting. We walked to Henry IV about ten miles away with our stupid backpacks. Of course it was full. Then on and on and on – til about 9:00 or 10:00 at night it seemed. We finally found one that had two single beds in one room that we all slept in. After that we took a bath, went out for supper at a sidewalk café and went to sleep.

The toilets here are excellent. They have this at the top that you pull up and they flush. They also have a thing that looks like a urinal but is really to wash your bum. Their phones here have this squealing ring when you pick them up so you know they are ready


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