July 5, 1985

Went to St. Paul’s in the morning, then to the London Museum but both were closed. Ma and I went to Covent Gardens and I got a pair of black stretch pants. Went for lunch at the National Gallery. Met dad and Cher, me and ma went to Kensington Palace and saw the clothes and rooms. The Queen Mum lives there. While we were there, there was a huge thunderstorm. Near the end we got on the subway and went to Harrods and Laura Ashley bt both were jam packed and extremely expensive. Went back to Covent Gardens. I bought another pair of pants and a knitted undershirt. Met Dad at the National Gallery and went for supper at a Chinese restaurant after changing and showering. The clothes here fit me far better than at home. They are made for shorter people When we returned Cherie and I sat in the lounge while Ma and Pa went for a walk. We met this American girl from New Jersey. She’s been to a Duran Duran concert. She was in Paris and said clothes were really cheap. She got a haircut there that was really nice. I think I’ll get one too. They cost around twenty or thirty dollars. Went to my room after and did journal.



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