July 4, 1985


I’m the only one up now. It’s rather quiet – more than I expected. There are birds chirping outside our open window and a steady quiet hum of trucks and cars. I went down to the can twice already – once before going to sleep, once atout ten and once at 6.30. I’m the first one up in our family. I think because Ma and Pa will probably come up when they are awake. You sure don’t wait until you are desperate with these cans! You’ve got to unock your door, go down two flights of stairs and run to the can!

I just heard the door open (fire door which leads to the stairs which is what you have to use). The pub we were in yesterday (Queen’s head) was quite something. It was old and scruffy looking. Most of the people were scruffy looking, too – messy hair, dirty clothes and dark colours. We came in touristy bright and sat in the only table – brightly lit under the sky light. We got the money system explained to us. A shilling = 5 pence! 100 pence in a pound. Now what is a quid?


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