July 4, 1985 (english time…)

Got up at 6.30 had breakky. Got on a bus, went shopping but didn’t buy anything. Not much different than St. Vital. It was a shopping centre. Went to London Dungeon with Mum and Cherie. Was okay. Went on a bus tour before that that was BOILING hot. After we took a bus (any bus) and ended up way off somewhere. Had supper at Wimpy’s. Owner really friendly and gave Ma tea. After we went home I watched some TV and read. Might go to Cats tomorrow. I am going to Oxford St. with Mum.

I’m sitting in the lounge now. Mum and dad want to go for a walk. I was bored and woke them up. I’d rather not go for a walk now. There are these two “punks” in here right now. One speaks English and both speak German. We were watching this supposed to be romantic show and they keep laughing uproariously and making comments in German. One has no hair and the other has a sort of Iroquois cut. Down the street there is a hotel with a whole bunch of Swedish people. All tall, blonde, tanned and good looking. These two guys even laugh at the commercials! We went out for chicken with them and ma and pa.


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