July 2, 1985

Last night Cherie and I coudln’t get to sleep cos we had repacked our bags and were excited. I took out my jeans and ma’s loafers and added an undershirt dress, a top to match, my printed pants, and a pair of sandals and orange stirrup pants. We woke up and I washed my face and got dressed. I wore my print pants, yellow and white socks, my pink runners, a yellow t shirt, a pink undershirt, my pink necklace and watch. I also had my sunglasses and matching white purse. What a prep!

I don’t’ know why I’m writing this. I’m always preoccupied with clothes, I guess. Anyway, we went to Rid’s for brekky and met Deb there. She was rather excited. We went to Grampa B’s for a while then left. He said he wouldn’t do anything “rash” while we were away. We assume this means getting married.

My sore back was better cos Cherie stepped on it last night. We got to Winnipeg about ten and went shopping. I wanted to buy a t shirt and sandals and pants, etc but mum kept saying don’t. I bought a pair of small earrings that were not expensive so I’d have all my holes filled up. We had lunch across from Eaton’s then headed to the airport. It still didn’t seem real. Deb was very hyper at the airport. She left soon, after sewing dad’s crest on his backpack – which I knew HE would never sew on. Dad met Louise and her son Gabrielle who were meeting her mum.

I got the boarding passes and am now in charge of them. GOODY. Cherie has already “lost” her money belt and Dad has his ticket making me just about have a fit. I’d say it’s a good thing me and mum are here. Anyways, now we are sitting in the upstairs part waiting for the plane. It’s 3.32. The planes leaves in about two hours but we have to board at about 5.10. With all mum’s repeated warnings of TRAVEL LIGHT she has the heaviest bag of all. She has all our paperbacks though.

I still haven’t broken my resolution.

There is this old man sorta sleeping across form us, waiting for his plane probably. He looks real neat. He looks like the typical grampa in TV or movies.

Well we are on the plane now. We sat around for two hours and read and stuff. It was boring but went by quickly. We boarded the plane at about ten after five. It’s not that big. There are three seats then an aisle then three seats. I got a window seat but I’m moving my head so Cherie can see out of one of the windows. (There are two.) We are right by the wing. There are all these neat little fold down tables. The stewardess is sure smiling. She was passing out newspapers and another was passing out fluffies, but we never got either. We are going to be flying at 30,000 feet. The pilot is talking to us now in French at the moment. Well, Cherie just got a magazine to read (FLARE). We are supposed to be leaving soon. TAKE OFF!

Well, I gotta get into a certain position so I’ll describe the experience later.

AGGG! We’re backing up. Cherie keeps bashing my arm. GROOVY!! We just took off. It was really smooth. We keep going higher and higher. You can see forever out of the window across the aisle you can see the clouds. Out of mine and Cher’s you can see the ground and a few small clouds. The cars are little specks. My ears keep popping.

We just got headphones that look like stethoscopes or something.

Wow, we must have climbed quite far – you can hardly see the cars. We are quite far above the clouds. I’m listening to Madonna now. From the height of this plane I think I’d have second thoughts about sky diving. We’ll I’m going to relax and let my ears pop.

The flight does get a little dull, but so is my book and that doesn’t help. It’s quite amazing to see all these clouds. We are supposed to land in Toronto in about an hour or so. They are serving dinner soon I think. I just used the can, practicing the standing-don’t-touch-the-seat-or-you-will-get-VD position. Every now and then we hit turbulence. It’s not that bumpy.

Dad is pretty hyped up I think. He keeps asking if we are happy and sticking his thumbs in the air. He is sitting by these two old ladies. I’m sure he is enjoying it.

I smell beef or gravy. I can’t believe how hungry I’m getting. I have this urge to jump out the window and hop up and down and dance on the wing of the lane. I don’t think Cherie’s in a very good mood.

I feel like such an experienced traveler. I wonder what day it is in London when we land. I think it’s the fourth, but I asked Ma and she says the third. We are on a B-727, economy of course.

Suppertime and I think I’m getting a headache.

Well supper was okay. I had the salad, the rice and a bit of chicken, which I thought was shrimp. There was also peas and carrots and a bun and some pear and a cake dessert. I had milk. Thrilling.

Cherie and I traded places. We had turbulence during the meal. Fun.

Got to Toronto. Waited around for about two hours. It’s a large airport. Got on the plane and someone was in Cher’s seat. AAG!! They finally straightened it out and Cherie kept her wing seat. I thought she was going to have to stay home.

This plane is bigger than the other. The seats are 2-4-2. We are going 30,000 ft again, 39,000 ft over the ocean. The weather in London is supposed to be great when we land.

We just took off. It hurts my head. Toronto is very big.


Had dinner (filet mignon).

Slept through the movie and sunrise.

Having brekky soon somewhere over the ocean.

Brekky – pretty blah – a muffin, croissant and orange juice and coffee – oh – and a vitamin C pill. My nose was so plugged it was disgusting.

Well we land in about on hour fifteen minutes.

We landed. It was GREAT! The airport has this moving sidewalk. We got on the subway and went to our hotel. We had no trouble finding it. The man who owns it has a little monkey named Dolly. It’s really cute and friendly. *LATER: Bullshit!*

We went out to a pub for lunch called the Queen’s Head. It was quite old by Canadian standards. The food was OK. Then we went walking (all this after showering) to Trafalgar square (without the camera).

Called Gramma at the Canadian Embassy. Then we went to the National Art Gallery. I saw a real nice painting called the Execution of Lady Jane Grey. I talked to a security guard for a while. We walked and walked for hours looking for a restaurant finally settling on a Wimpy’s which is really close.



We came back, I changed and came outside to the front of the hotel to write in my journal. I think I’ll draw for a while so I’ll go get my pencil and crackers for the monkey.


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