NG Gallery New Art Group Show

Today is my Sydney show debut! I have three pieces in the NG Gallery New Art Group show. I hope you can come down and check them out. The gallery is located in the uber-cool art mecca of Chippendale in Sydney!

Curated by Tessa Dorman the group exhibition, ART NOW, concentrates on just that, art. now. It aims to take a snapshot of the current state of contemporary art in Sydney.

The prevailing feature that is most notable in the arts – is that there is no distinguishable feature, style, school or methodology. It has no central themes.



Within this non-definable movement let us take a look at Sydney as a geographical centre, and study the laws of nodal concentration. Due to coexisting and unknowingly cooperating with each other there is a harmonious balance in art making, presentation and validation within our cultural orbit of Sydney that is a unique and exceptional experience unto ourselves that is worth capturing and celebrating.

Opening reception will be held on Wednesday 18 June from 6-8pm at NG Art Gallery.

For further information, please email


Bad Kitty! Mademoiselle Poulet Singing in the Dead of Night


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