Music and Progress

A few posts ago I showed some images of a few of the paintings that I did in Canada. Recently I heard a song by Aussie singer songwriter Dustin Tebbutt. It was so amazing that I burst into tears the first time I heard it. And the second. And the third. It just made me feel something so melancholy and cold and beautiful and intense. It reminded me of being at home in the winter, of missing dad, of beauty and sorrow and great simplicity.
I found out after doing some research that he’d recorded it in Scandinavia and had this same feeling of loneliness and longing, of solitude and beauty and how amazingly different the cold white winter landscape is compared to the tropical lushness of Australia.

So I took his beautiful song and put some images of those Canadian pieces together in a little video. His music makes my art look better.

Blood and Bones


Here’s his version too:


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