Art is Fashion


I just found this charming photo of myself. I think it’s just after we booked our tickets to go to Canada with a stop over in LA and I was practising my chola look. Unfortunately I’ve since changed my hair colour so I won’t be able to rock the look fantastic while rumbling in South Central. Maybe I’ll try something like a slutty Suntan Tuesday or a fat Skipper or a drunken Stepford Wife. So many options and only five days in LA to express them all.

We also are going to be in Canada for Hallowe’en, my absolute fave time of the year. I am soooo taking the kids out trick or treating. True might be getting a bit old for it, but I haven’t told him that so I think he’s keen to go out too. I wish it was Hallowe’en every day. Or at least once a month. And for those who are going to get all in a flap about it being an American holiday and that’s why we don’t celebrate it in Australia, just settle down cos you got your facts wrong. It’s pagan and been around for a long long time. And the only reason we don’t have it here in Australia is cos the Poms didn’t want the Irish celebrating their big holidays. Of course in Canada and the US there wasn’t that problem so it’s flourishing over there. Especially in Miami, Manitoba! It’s my fave place to trick or treat in the whole world. Well, not that I’ve done it anywhere outside Manitoba, really, unless you count Corindi and Red Rock. lol.

I put a little of my dress up love in my paintings too.

Like a Last Goodbye LIke a Tragic Smile Like a messy crime NIght Rider NIghtflight to venus Like a Fleeting Thought Like a Fading Voice Like a Broken Word Evolution of the Monkey The Bunny Hop baby's got a secret

For me the mask ones, on the surface,  are about my love of dress ups and childhood fun, but they are also about secrets and hiding things, lying, not being true to yourself or others. I don’t really see masks as negative things, cos we all have to wear them at some point. I guess when I was painting most of those though, I was really conflicted about a few things in my life. I really felt that there were things that were uncovered that I wasn’t sure if I wanted to cover with dirt or brush them off and look at them. But I also love that people can look at them and think – Oh! that kid is wearing a pig mask!

I love the one with the rabbits. It is one of a few that were inspired by vintage photographs of kids dressed up. I like that kind of gang mentality. It’s kinda creepy and kinda fun. If I had been a kid in a gang of rabbits I would have thought it was pretty cool. Specially if we got to ride bikes. I loved bike riding. At night. That’s probably my big draw to Hallowe’en!

If you were going to dress up for Hallowe’en or a fancy dress party what would you go as?


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