i’ve been bombarded with love this week. in so many ways. and you know, one of the biggest things has been the voice of my kids. i’m just a bit overwhelmed by how amazing they are…. I think everyone should be accepting and open so i don’t really think they should get kudos for being what I percieve as normal. I as always a big fag hag and grew up in a multicultural environment ant that was totally celebrated. I think my kids have the same idea.  They make their own mind up on people and judge them on how people relate to them. they aren’t racist, they aren’t homophobic, they aren’t misogynist… but that’s not to say they don’t judge people. I think they take people at face value….I like that.  They pick mates young and old on personality. Doesn’t everyone??  I look at the big world and realise that maybe they are the voice of the new generation and although I think that is NORMAL, it’s not actually that in every home. I really do hope that their attitude as young men is the strongest voice of a new generation that is free of prejudice and that people will be judged on actions rather than all those other old steroestypes that hopefully will be laid to rest. None of us are perfect and I get that… but the stuff we can’t change and shouldn’t feel like we have to change should never come into play. It’s not about religion, skin colour, sex, sexuality or any of that shit…. are you a good person? do you care and share and love? are you funny? do you do good deeds? do you have a redeeming factor in your life? I’m learning every day….

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