Urchins, Rascals and Whippersnappers

I opened my third solo show this past weekend. I drove up to the Byron area and delivered my paintings to Art Piece Gallery in Mullumbimby. The next day I helped Nadine, the owner, hang the pieces. It was hot and sweaty work but it looked amazing. The next day I handed out invites all around Byron Bay.

On show day I went to the beach in the morning with my friend Zoe, who I was staying with. We were both child free as her six year old twin daughters, Rose and Pearl, were at school. This meant we could totally relax in the sun. This also meant we both ended up burnt beetroot red.

So when I headed to the show I was certainly as brightly coloured as my paintings and blended right in. The show was opened by Mandy Nolan, a local Byron Baby identity and funny lady. She was the perfect person to do the job and started the show off with lots of laughs and set the mood. I take my work seriously when I’m painting, I suppose, and put in a lot of concentration to get the result I want. But after that I want it to be joyous and fun and I hope it makes people feel good.

I was thrilled that five pieces sold right off the bat.  I met most of the new owners and I was so happy to see they were going to good homes. There is nothing better than to know that my work will be hung on someones wall and provide some sparkle and smiles with their new family.

I will include a gallery of the show. I didn’t take any pics on the night but if I get some sent to me, I’ll put them up too. You can find them on my facebook page.

My mum arrives from Canada tomorrow. I’m hoping to have a great visit with her, but still keep my blog updated in between chilling out on the deck and long walks on the beach and mini trips here and there during her three month stay.

Also if you are interested in purchasing any of my art you can go to my webpage and check out the galleries. I keep it pretty updated and it should say under each pic if the work is available and where it’s located. Of course if a piece is sold or you have something else in mind, don’t hesitate to contact me and you can commission your own personalised piece. There is a bit of a waiting list at the moment as I’ve gotten several commissions for the Christmas season, but I am sure we can sort something out!

Have a joyous start to the holiday season! I’m loving it already!


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