Shows, Shows and More Shows!

This month is huge for me because I’m doing two solo shows and two group shows. That’s a lot of paintings!

My first show opened at Karen 19 Contemporary Artspace on the Gold Coast. It was called An Unbeatable Waste of Time and I had fourteen pieces in it. The opening was well attended and the staff of the gallery is fantastic. The owner is Terri Lew and she’s super cool. I really like working with them.
There was also a mention about the show in the Australian Art Review and in The Cove Magazine. Stoked!


I am also participating in a group show called Petits Travaux that is on now at the Retrospect Gallery in Byron Bay. Artists were invited to submit nine 25cm x 25cm pieces that would be shown in a square. I did two sets of them although the gallery only has put one on their website. I don’t normally show paintings at this gallery, but I loved the theme of the show and was happy to participate. The other artists have some pretty amazing work too and I can see how many people would love group shows. It’s always cool to see what other people come up with when you have a common theme.

I am also opening a show at the end of the month at Artpiece Gallery in Mullumbimby. It’s called Rascals, Urchins and Scallywags. I’m really excited about it and I’m working on a few more pieces this week so I’ll post them when they are done.

And on December 1 I’m particpating in a group show called Homage to Hollywood. I’m really excited about that one too because I get to go back up to Karen 19 again. I’m also really looking forward to seeing what the other artists have done and how they interpreted the theme!

Here’s some pics from the openings, courtesy of the gallery photographers….


2 thoughts on “Shows, Shows and More Shows!

  1. Cj piatkowski says:

    This is so beautiful, and so exciting! Way to go, you’re awesome!

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