The Fabulous Weekend

I had a most wonderful weekend off! Two of my girlfriends and I jumped in the car with my boys and headed up to Byron Bay for the night. We went to my friend Aarna’s 40th birthday and the theme was disco bash. It was soooo good! And for me it was almost like a family reunion! I was so happy to catch up with a heap of North Coast friends I hadn’t seen in ages. Some I hadn’t seen in over ten years! One didn’t even know I had a second child! Crazy.

The next day for recovery the girls and I went to the Kiva Spa in Mullumbimby. It was so fantastic! I’ll see if I can get some of Angela’s photos to post but I doubt it cos we all look a bit haggard, haha. The spa though is so awesome. We had an hour in the bathhouse area which had two spas, a wood fired sauna and a plunge pool. It was all set in a beautiful garden with different places to lounge around and relax. We were also able to bring our own food so we had this massive array of nibbles and stuffed our faces every opportunity. Then we each had amazing one hour massages. Bec was particularly enjoying hers cos she had a man masseur and well, lady has been single for a while!
We did get shushed a few times and told off for not closing the sauna door properly. Apparently silence and quiet talking is more relaxing than the sound of laughter and jokes. I guess people are in it for different things. I did try to go and do the silent meditation in the sauna after my first try with the girls where I kept feeling like I was gonna giggle in church if I looked at them. The second time was after my massage so I felt pretty mellow but not long after I got in I could feel my aggro building cos some chick was doing heavy breathing meditation that was so loud I thought she was in labour. I swear in the dark I could see the telltale walnut looking wrinkled head of a newborn peeking out between her thighs. I couldn’t hear any cries though cos the mum’s breathing was vibrating the entire sauna.

Anyway, besides that the day was perfect and we are definitely planning to do it again. Does every six weeks sound excessive? I think not! You should join us!

Oh and on the art front, I got home last night and went to bed early so I had a bit of tidying and unpacking to do today and had some nibblies with Bec, Angela and Katie for lunch. After they left though I got out the brushes and stuff and got three new pieces started. Two are to finish my show which is awesome, I think it will be completely finished by the end of the week and I’ll have picked my top ten! And the third one is totally awesome! I can’t wait to see it finished either! It’s funny, charming and has a great little story.

I also have four solid ideas for my solo show so I might work on them tonight or all day tomorrow. After that though, I think I’ll have to head to town for more wood and get Joe to help crank out some new pieces!

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